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I am going to start a diet…tomorrow

Recently, I haven’t made the “best” food choices. I started eating out a lot when the move was eminent, and then I got so used to buying my food, cooking seemed like a chore. And without being too graphic, I can “feel” I need to eat healthier, so that’s where I’m at. 

I’m going to try Whole30. I was going to start on Friday, in that I got the book from the library and I hid all my Girl Scout cookies. I was really good until about 10 am, when I went to an event and was offered pound cake, so the day was shot, and I might as well make the most of it, so I drank soda and ate pizza too. Then I was going to start yesterday, but I had leftover pound cake that I was “forced” to bring home, and since I was delaying things another day, I and drank more soda and ate more pizza. And then I decided to start today, until I realized I have a potluck to go to, and I don’t want to deny myself someone else’s home cooking. Plus I have one slice of pound cake left. 

So I’ll start tomorrow, which is when all diets start, in the future. Because when tomorrow comes, I’ll lose self control running errands during lunch, and then again on Saturday at the other potluck I have, and during the mini vacations spattered throughout September, in which case I’ll start in October…or November, but then there’s Thanksgiving and Christmas. And at this rate I should add it to my New Year’s resolution and start in 2018. It’s official, I’m starting a new diet…next year.


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