I need friends

So, to recap, I just moved to Texas. And as most people that just move cross-country, I need to build my friend base. I won’t say I have no friends here, but I just met them, and they just moved too, and we are all still trying to figure everything out about this town.

And my husband works–a lot–so I spend a lot of time with these two:

Look at these goobers, entertained by trash. (Or is it: entertained with trash? Or is the trash the one that’s entertained?)

I talk to them, and at best they stare at me, at worst they ignore me, or do the opposite of what I ask them to do. So throughout my day I think of all the interesting things I’ll say when when I’m around someone who can talk back. Sometimes I think of all the great things I could blog about, if only I was at my computer when the inspiration hits. And sometimes, when things are really bad, I imagine full blown conversations with people. 

In order to stay sane, I’ll try blogging more…until I get more friends, or until the Bebe can talk back…at which point I’ll probably reminisce upon the days when my kid wasn’t so defiant. #catch22 #grassisalwaysgreener 


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