So I’ve been talking to myself…

…they say that talking to yourself is the first sign of insanity. I don’t know who “they” are, but maybe it’s the voices in my head. 

Before you think I’m a loony, hear me out. I moved, cross country, from Rhode Island to Texas. And I had all these great intentions to blog every evening to let the friends and family that love me know how our adventure was going, the way all my other friends that are “put together” do. I even illegally used my cell phone while driving to snap state line photos. 

But by the time I got to where I was going for the day, and I had some alone time, the only thing I wanted to do was sleep. And that’s what I did.  So no blogs were written. 

Now here we are in Texas, over a month later…talking to myself. I guess explaining why will have to wait for tomorrow’s post, because one thing I cannot stand are blog posts that drone on and on and on. If you have that much to say that people want to read, publish it in a book. 


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